Deep-fried pork ball with tamarind sauce


Deep-fried pork ball with tamarind sauce

Pork ballPopular street food in Thailand you should try when you visited as you know Thailand has a lot of street food choice for you select to eat. Today I will recommend and show you one of popular Thai street food is call deep-fried pork ball with tamarind sauce

how to cook it

Tamarind sauce

  • tamarind paste  2tp
  • palm sugar  200g
  • salt 1/3tp
  • water 1 cup
  • chili powder 1tp
  • pickle garlic 1 glove

boil palm sugar with water after that add tamarind paste, pickled garlic, chilli powder and salt wait until color turns to brown and taste is like hot from chilli sweet and sour from palm sugar and tamarind now prepare you pork ball ( you can buy it at Asian market ) deep-fried you pork ball with vegetable oil until brown then top with tamarind sauce serve with fresh vegetables

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