Thai spicy oyster salad

THAI SPICY OYSTER SALAD  after I had been in the UK since 2006 I never ever bought oyster to ate before because is look expensive for me now I have lived in the UK more then 14 years already I have to learn how to catch cheap food price to make a perfect menu. I went to the supermarket before their night close and looking for reducing food price you may lucky to get cheap price some seafood today I just have 6 pieces of the fresh oyster I designed to make a Thai spicy oyster salad.


  • Fresh oyster
  • Fish sauce
  • Sugar
  • Chilli paste in oil
  • Lemongrass
  • Red onions
  • Spring onions
  • Coriander
  • Thai red chili
  • Lemon juice

Clean and remove oyster from the shell slide Lemongrass
Red onions into small pieces chopped Spring onions
Coriander Thai red chili to button pieces
Put chili paste in oil, fish sauce, lemon juice into the salad bowl and stir it put chili and simmer oyster in the boiling water just 30 seconds and put to the bowl put lemongrass,
red onions, coriander before finished and ready to serve taste is good with Thai beer.

How to cook Grilled sirloin beef spicy salad 


  • 10oz 28 days dry ages sirloin beef
  • fish sauce 1 spoon
  • lime juice 1 spoon
  • sugar 1 teaspoon
  • chop Thai red chili
  • cucumber slide
  • tomatoes
  • red onions slide
  • coriander
  • spring onion chopped

Grill you sirloin and slide it put in the bold salad put fish sauce, lime juice, and stir it and then put coriander, red onions slide, chop Thai chilis, cucumbers slide, and spring onions mixed in the bold and served.

Lime and spicy chilli sauce this sauce we use to eat with steam or grill seafood in Thailand we have a lot of seafood menus this is one popular sauce to eat with Thai seafood dish

How to make it

Lime and spicy chilli sauce is easy to prepare here is ingredient

  • red bird eye chili
  • coriander root
  • garlic
  • palm sugar
  • fish sauce
  • lime juice

Now time to mixed 

I have used original Thai mortar To crush my ingredients first put you birds eye chilli garlic and coriander root and crush it after that put palm sugar and crush again put fish sauce and lime juice and mixed and taste how is it.

Tip: this sauce taste will have three taste sweet sours and salt.

Grilled giant king prawn marinated with garlic, ground white pepper, and butter special chef recommend menu at Boonnak Thai restaurant Blackpool

How to cook  

  • Cut giant king prawn like butterfly
  • Lay  prawn butterfly on the grill
  • put butter 1 tablespoon
  • chopped 2 cloves of garlic
  • coriander chopped
  • red wine
  • oyster sauce
  • seasoning sauce
  • vegetable oil
  • chilli paste in oil

After giant king prawn is cook we prepare sauce for giant king prawn by  put vegetable oil and garlic chopped stir-fried until garlic is yellow put chilli paste, put red wine, oyster sauce, seasoning sauce  and water taste how is it then top on grilled giant king prawn or put giant king prawn mixed together served with jasmine rice or egg fried rice.